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Born and raised in Manhattan, I attended Chapin School and Choate Rosemary Hall. I earned my BFA and MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute from 1980-1985. My teachers were both strong abstract and figurative painters of the Bay Area movement. I learned that a good realistic painter must understand his work as an abstraction of reality and an abstract painter best have knowledge of the basic principles of painting and composition. The two expressions are unified as one in principle. I studied with Bruce McGaw and Julius Hatofsky, well known Bay Area artists, who influenced me with their qualities of paint and abstract expression of figurative art.

Growing up in New York City, I was surrounded by museums, influential and artistic people, and a rich diversity of culture. New York’s powerful pulse still seduces me on my frequent visits. Balancing my passion for New York is a need for beauty. In my early years, I was able to escape to a farm in Connecticut, the beaches of Bermuda and the Austrian Alps. Today, Vermont’s green mountains and rural lakes provide me with the serenity I crave.

Inner callings have drawn me, over the years, to many exciting and inspiring locations around the world. They have provided spiritual awakenings and adventures of all kinds. There are many more sites that I have yet to go to and anticipate them as life’s unfolding gifts.

Gallery Exhibitions

One Person Shows
2006 Village Wine and Coffee, Shelburne, VT
1988 Red Barn Gallery, Stowe, VT
1987 Noho Gallery, Manhattan, NY
1985 Café Macondo, Manhattan, NY
1985 Diego Rivers Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1985 Fort Mason MFA Show, San Francisco, CA
1983 San Francisco Art Institute Café, San Francisco, CA
1983 Pride Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions
2008 Arts Alive Gallery, Burlington, VT
2007 Arts Alive Gallery, Burlington, VT
2005 Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT
2000 Earth Charter, Shelburne,VT
2001 Paul Winter’s World Tree Concert, Shelburne, VT
2002 Firehouse Gallery, Burlington, VT
1996 The Store in Essex, Essex, VT
1989 Passepartout Gallery, Winooski, VT
1986 A.R.E.A. Night Club, Manhattan, NY
1985 Beside the Point Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1985 Arts Commission Festival, San Francisco, CA
1984 Artists Christmas Sale, 80 Langdon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1984 Arts Commission Festival, San Francisco, CA
1984 Gila Mann Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1983 Art In The Park, San Francisco, CA
1982 Art In The Park, San Francisco, CA

Work Experience
1984 Drawing Class, S.F.A.I. Extension Program, San Francisco, CA
1984 Painting Assistant to Robert Colescott, San Francisco, CA
1983 Painting Assistant to Thomas Akawie, San Francisco, CA
1983 Painting Class For The Elderly, Little Sisters of The Poor, San Francisco, CA