Naam Yoga is the yoga of sacred sound, healing music, mudras, breath work, movement, poses and Universal prayer. The immeasurable wisdom, intelligence and healing power of the human body is fully awakened when one steps into it’s rhythm. Naam Yoga is a profound experience with music and the chanting of sacred sound (Naam) and powerfully impacts the way people feel and live. Carefully chosen chants presented at optimal moments combine with yoga poses, specific breathing techniques, mudras (finger and hand positions) and Universal prayer to create deep relaxation in the body, alertness and clarity in the mind, and sweetness in the heart. When combined with the physical yoga exercises, Divine mantras can help the body to release deep-seated tension and infuse it with joyful energy. One experiences the awakening of the Soul as the body, mind and heart are harmonized in this healing resonance. Read more below…

What people are saying:

This is the kind of yoga to do if you want to live forever!”

I love taking Lili’s yoga classes. She teaches with just the right mix of enthusiasm, instruction and calm. Every time I take one of her classes, I leave feeling energized and rejuvenated. Both the chanting and exercise make me feel like I’ve done something worthwhile for an hour and a half.”

More about Naam Yoga:

To deliver the full benefits of yogic exercises, Naam Yoga utilizes many hand gestures (mudras). Naam Yoga recognizes the extraordinary intelligence stored in the human hands. The palms and the ten fingers are not just tools for physical work– they are extensively represented in the brain, thus playing an important role in the nervous and glandular system. By connecting certain fingers and forming certain hand gestures, one can direct the energy flow within the body into a desired path for a specific health purpose. When hand gestures are performed with music, the synergy becomes exceedingly powerful. Healing on emotional and physical levels become possible, sometimes instantaneously.

For those who know the beneficial effects of meditation but do not practice due to lack of time or difficulty in quieting the mind, Naam Yoga provides the perfect solution–with Naam Yoga, meditation becomes easy and fun. Once a practice is established in the body/mind, a few phrases of song can trigger the energizing effects of a deep meditation. The combination of these ancient techniques opens the heart and brings healing, cleansing and revitalization to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

For more information visit: Universal Force Healing Center and the Naam Yoga Association.