In working with your personal pentagram, which reflects your inner mystical nature and path, you can discover tools for understanding how best to fulfill your destiny and nourish your soul in this lifetime. I share divine spiritual wisdom and insight using the tools of practical Kabbalah to discover one’s strengths, purposes and challenges in life. I assist in helping you to understand the positive aspects of your true self as you learn to move away from the more challenging traits of your personality and karmic patterns. Kabbalah astrology and numerology are helpful for understanding optimal timing for project initiation both in business and in personal relationships.

What people are saying:

Lili’ s enthusiasm and passion for this work as an ‘Insight consultant’ is inspiring. She is so passionate about the information available to us that it runs over in all that she does. This is definitely a GIFT of Lili’s and if you choose to tap into her gift, it will open doors to information, knowledge and growth into your future.”

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